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5,000 lb capacity pallet scale
(Photos are not to scale)


bullet44" long x 44" wide x 4.5" high scale base
bullet2,000 lb capacity with a sensitivity of 0.5 lb or 0.2 lb 
bulletHeavy duty painted steel scale base
bulletDigital weight indicator with 10 ft cable
bulletFactory Pre-Calibrated
bulletNo sales tax outside Florida
bulletComputer / Printer output standard
bulletFree computer software upon request
bulletOne year complete warranty


Metal & Plastic 
 Stainless Steel    
Stainless Steel
with 0-9 keypad


Dimensions Capacity x Sensitivity with TI-500E w/ TI-500ESS w/ TI-600ESS
44" x 44" 5,000 lb x 1 lb $995 $1,150 $1,195
50" x 20" 1,000 lb x 0.5* $895 $995 $1,050
3' x 3'

2,500 lb x 0.5 lb*

$975 $1,275 $1,325
3' x 3'

5,000 lb x 1 lb

$975 $1,275 $1,325
4' x 4'

1,000 lb x 0.2 lb*or

1,000 lb x 0.1 lb* 

Free shipping
$1,325 $1,450
4' x 4'

2,000 lb x 0.2 lb*

Free shipping
$1,325 $1,450
4' x 4'

2,500 lb x 0.5 lb*

Free shipping
$1,325 $1,450
4' x 4'

5,000 lb x 1 lb or

5,000 lb x 0.5 lb*

Free shipping
$1,325 $1,450
4' x 4' 10,000lb x 2 lb or 10,000 lb x 1 lb* $1,295
Free shipping
$1,475 $1,526
4' x 4' 20,000 lb x 5 lb or 20,000 lb x 2 lb* $1,889 $1,970 $2,035
5' x 5'

1,000 lb x 0.2 lb or

1,000 lb x 0.1 lb* 

$1,619 $1,719 $1,770
5' x 5' 2,000 lb x 0.2 lb* $1,619 $1,719 $1,770
5' x 5' 2,500 lb x 0.5 lb $1,619 $1,719 $1,770
5' x 5'

5,000 lb x 1 lb or

5,000 lb x 0.5 lb*

$1,619 $1,719 $1,770
5' x 5' 10,000lb x 2 lb or 10,000 lb x 1 lb* $1,734 $1,834 $1,885
5' x 5' 20,000 lb x 5 lb or 20,000 lb x 2 lb* $2,300 $2,400 $2,451
Other sizes available        
Optional Ramps        
44" x 36" ramp 2,000 lb $250    
4' x 3' 10,000lb $288 weighs 130 lbs  
4' x 4' 20,000lb $384 weighs 150 lbs  
5' x 3' 10,000lb $375    
5' x 4' 20,000lb $475    
Roll tape printer dot matrix $295    
Label printer Direct thermal $450    

*Asterik signifies combination of capacity and resolution is for Non-Commercial use. Please call or e-mail for other sizes


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Indicator/Printer Stands

Fork Lift Channels

Bumper Guards

Pit Frame for inground installations

*Please call or e-mail for other sizes.  Custom sizes are no problem.


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Frequently asked questions


What does it mean when a scale is NTEP approved?  

When a scale is NTEP approved that means that it is approved for use in legal for trade applications.  This means that you can legally charge your customer based upon the weight reading of the scale.  Only scales that have passed stringent government testing are NTEP approved.


What is the main difference between the three weight indicators (T500E, T500ESS & TI-600ESS)?  

The TI-500E has an enclosure made of metal & plastic.  The five front panel keys are LB/KG, TARE, Net/Gross, ZERO & PRINT.  The TI-500ESS has the same features but it has a Stainless Steel enclosure.  The TI-600ESS also has a stainless steel enclosure but in addition to having the same 5 front panel keys as the TI-500ESS, the TI-600ESS also has 0-9 keys for entering tare weights manually. For example:  If you have a product in a container and you only want the weight of the product.  With the TI-500E & TI-500ESS you would need to place the empty container on the scale then press the "TARE" key to deduct the weight of the container.  The scale will then display the weight of the product you place in the container.  With the TI-600ESS if you know the container weighs 100 lbs, simply enter the value 100 using the 0-9 keys then press the "Tare" key to deduct the weight.  With the TI-600ESS you do not need to start with an empty container.



load cells

load cells


Load cells

load cells

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